Lancaster Fourth of July Fireworks Extravaganza Not Cancel

The City of Lancaster’s Mayor and City Council are angered that we may have to cancel our Fourth of July Fireworks Extravaganza. A decision we oppose and are working tirelessly to overturn. We are currently in search of a new venue and vendor.

Lancaster is disgusted with the approach that the Department of Public Health, Barbara Ferrer, and Governor Gavin Newsom took in shutting down the celebration of our independence without consulting the City. Governor Newsom stated today that the county and local governments should “consider cancelling some of their firework shows and presentations.” While Governor Newsom did not stand firm to the public, behind the scenes he demanded all fairgrounds close for fireworks, leaving us without a venue. The Department of Public Health and Barbara Ferrer were unsupportive of our effort; going as far as taking our ability to make a decision. They made the decision for us, without our consent. We will not let them. The City has considered all risks and feels confident in our ability to safely host a show. A show our residents deserve after a year of continuing challenges.

The City was not even given an opportunity to present our safety precautions and procedures that would allow for a safe show. Every effort was made to contact representatives to appeal the decision, but no exceptions would be made - even though the City is willing to ensure that every regulation is being followed. “That is why we are taking it into our own hands” said Mayor R. Rex Parris.

We do not want to cancel our show. Because of this we are hoping to find a vendor who would be willing to set the fireworks up and we will light them ourselves, if needed.

“Fourth of July is such an important holiday for our nation and it deserves to be celebrated. The City’s Fireworks Celebration is a symbol of our freedom” said Mayor Parris. “The safety of the community is always at the forefront when planning an event. I am so confident in our plan, even after the Governor’s announcement this morning, I am willing to light the fuse myself to get the celebration started, but even that may be taken from me.”

The City recognizes the importance and significance of Fourth of July. That is why City leadership is working so hard to schedule a Fourth of July Fireworks Extravaganza.