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You Can Be Rewarded For Reporting Illegal Fireworks In Lancaster.

Fireworks keeping you up? The City of Lancaster is taking action and we need your help!

In an effort to reduce the use of illegal fireworks the City of Lancaster will be issuing administrative citations to anyone discharging fireworks including property owners who are allowing their property to be used as a location to discharge fireworks.

In addition, the City’s Public Safety Department is establishing a whistleblower program that allows residents to report and provide evidence to issue citations.

As a thank you, the program will have a reward of $250. for those citizens who have filed a complaint with adequate evidence that leads to a citation or charge.

Residents may notify Public Safety by sending an email and the video or photographs to The City cannot act on anonymous tips, however your personal information will be kept confidential.

For more information on the ordinance, including fines, visit:

Courtesy of : City Of Lancaster

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