Palmdale Sheriff's Station Wants to Remind you to Refrain from Using Illegal Fireworks...

Palmdale Sherriff's Station and The City of Palmdale would like to remind you to be a good neighbor and refrain from the use of illegal fireworks.

The fine for using illegal fireworks in the city of Palmdale starts at $2,500 and doubles with every additional citation.

There are teams of deputies and code enforcement officers specifically tasked with patrolling the city to combat this issue.

To report the use of illegal fireworks, call the firework public service phone number: 661-267-5170 or email

Additionally, please be sure to provide the information below:

1. Your name. 2. Your address and the address of the illegal fireworks. 3. Suspect description. 4. Vehicle description and license plate information. 5. Keep any video evidence of the suspects lighting the fireworks and provide the video to law enforcement upon their arrival.