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A full scholarship is awarded to a surprised student, Patricia "Patty" Justiniano.

Palmdale Sheriff's Station partnered with the University of Antelope Valley , to offer Patricia "Patty" Justiniano, a “full ride” scholarship for a four-year degree.

This young lady is a Palmdale resident who was having some difficulty in school. She found herself making some bad decisions and eventually ended up in the truancy office where she met Deputy Armando Baires.

Deputy Baires convinced Patty and her parents to join our VIDA program. He told her she had a bigger future than where she was headed and that he could help get her back on track to graduate and learn to make better decisions. Patty said she was up for the challenge and went on to successfully complete the Palmdale VIDA program.

Shortly after completing VIDA, she contacted Deputy Armando Baires about possibly Volunteering for LASD and he referred her to Deputy Raymundo Wilson, at the Palmdale YAL. At the YAL she assisted in mentoring the kids, all while continuing her mentoring process with Deputy Wilson and other members of the LASD Deputy and Sheriff's Volunteer staff.

Her hard work, dedication, motivation to turn her life around, and willingness to pay it forward to other kids in need, is an inspiration to us all.

Patty was surprised and honored to receive this scholarship. She thanked Deputy Baires, Deputy Wilson and the other LASD staff for believing in her.

We wish her the best of luck in receiving her bachelors degree at UAV, and know that she will continue to do amazing things in her future.

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Photo Credit : LASD

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