Electricity rates could go up

Electricity rates could go up n Southern California, MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD.

Read the message from Southern California Edison. NOTICE OF PUBLIC FORUMS


2021 GENERAL RATE CASE A.19-08-013

Southern California Edison (SCE) and the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) would like to hear from you. You are invited to participate in a public forum regarding SCE’s application to raise electricity rates. At the public forum, you can make comments and raise concerns with the CPUC’s Administrative Law Judge(s) (Judge) who are overseeing this rate increase request.

How will the public forums be held? Due to the Governor’s directive and the CPUC’s ongoing efforts to protect customers and community members during COVID-19, there will be no in-person physical location for these public forums.

The public forums can be viewed via internet, or listened to via phone, with the information below. If you wish to make a public comment, please participate by phone using the phone number and passcode below.




Tuesday, June 30

2 p.m.

Phone number: 1-800-857-1917

Passcode: 1673482

Webcast: www.adminmonitor.com/ca/cpuc/

6 p.m.

Wednesday, July 1

2 p.m.

6 p.m.

Written public comments may also be provided at any time during the proceeding using the “Add Public Comment” button on the “Public Comment” tab of the Docket Card for A.19-08-013, available at cpuc.ca.gov/SCE2021GRCPublicComments.

Bundled service customers’ average rate impacts:

Customer Group

Current Average Rates as of July 2019 (cents/kWh)

Proposed Average Rates as of January 2021 (cents/kWh)

Total Change (cents/kWh)

Percentage Change (% Increase)


18.1 cents/kWh

20.7 cents/kWh

2.6 cents/kWh


Lighting — Small and Medium Power

17.3 cents/kWh

19.2 cents/kWh

1.9 cents/kWh


Large Power

12.4 cents/kWh

13.5 cents/kWh

1.1 cents/kWh



13.7 cents/kWh

15.1 cents/kWh

1.4 cents/kWh


Street Lighting

25.5 cents/kWh

26.2 cents/kWh

0.7 cents/kWh



10.2 cents/kWh

10.8 cents/kWh

0.6 cents/kWh



16.3 cents/kWh

18.2 cents/kWh

1.9 cents/kWh


Note: Total percentage system revenue increase including bundled and non-bundled service customers is 12.9% The rates and percentages shown above are averages and are not the exact changes you may see in your bill. Changes in individual bills depend on how much energy each customer uses. Why is SCE requesting this rate increase? SCE delivers your electricity. Every four years, SCE must file what is known as a General Rate Case (GRC) application with the CPUC. GRCs set rates that customers pay to fund SCE’s day-to-day operations, including maintenance for its equipment and electricity grid upgrades. How could this affect my monthly bill? If SCE’s rate request is approved by the CPUC, the average residential monthly bill would increase by approximately $14 in 2021, $4 in 2022, and $6 in 2023. How does the rest of the process work? This application has been assigned to a Judge, who will consider all proposals and evidence presented during the formal hearing process. The Judge will issue a proposed decision which may adopt SCE’s application, modify it or deny it. Any CPUC Commissioner may sponsor an alternate decision. The proposed decision, and any alternate decisions, will be discussed and voted upon by the CPUC Commissioners. The Public Advocates Office (Cal Advocates) is currently reviewing this application. Cal Advocates is the independent consumer advocate within the CPUC with a statutory mandate to represent customers of investor-owned utilities to obtain the lowest possible rate for service consistent with safe and reliable service and the state’s environmental policy goals. Cal Advocates has a multi-disciplinary staff with expertise in economics, finance, accounting and engineering. For more information about Cal Advocates, please call 1-415-703-1584, e-mail PublicAdvocatesOffice@cpuc.ca.gov, or visit Cal Advocates’ website at publicadvocates.cpuc.ca.gov. Where can I get more information?

Contact SCE:

·Mail: Southern California Edison Company Attention: Douglas Snow, Director, General Rate Case

A.19-08-013 – SCE’s 2021 GRC

P.O. Box 800 Rosemead, CA 91770

Email: scegrc@sce.com

View SCE’s GRC Application: http://www3.sce.com/sscc/law/dis/dbattach5e.nsf/0/74927F6FEF5E16B8882584AB0074EC86/$FILE/A1908013-SCE%202021%20GRC%20Amended%20Application.pdf

View related information: http://www3.sce.com/law/cpucproceedings.nsf/vwMainPage?Openview&RestrictToCategory=SCE%202021%20GRC&Start=1&Count=25

Contact the CPUC: You may also get information about this proceeding by contacting the CPUC:

Visit cpuc.ca.gov/SCE2021GRCPublicComments to submit a public comment. Contact the CPUC’s Public Advisor’s Office if you have questions about CPUC processes: Phone: 1-866-849-8390 (toll-free) or 1-415-703-2074 Mail: CPUC Public Advisor’s Office

505 Van Ness Avenue San Francisco, CA 94102

Email: Public.Advisor@cpuc.ca.gov

Sus tarifas pueden aumentar. Para obtener más información por favor comuníquese con nosotros. Los usuarios con acceso al Internet podrán leer y descargar esta notificación en español en el sitio Web de SCE www.sce.com/avisos o escriba a: Southern California Edison Company, P.O. Box 800, 2244 Walnut Grove Avenue, Rosemead, CA 91770. Atención: Comunicaciones Corporativas. Para más detalles en español, llame al 1-800-441-2233 todos los días 8:00-20:00. Please reference SCE A.19-08-013 in any communications you have with the CPUC regarding this matter.