LA Coroner Backs Away From Initial 'Suicide' Finding In Robert Fuller case.

June 16, 2020



Los Angeles county sheriff Alex Villanueva announced Monday that the department’s homicide bureau will lead the investigation, which will be monitored by the California attorney general’s office and the FBI’s Civil Rights Division.

L.A. County officials are no longer saying the hanging death of 24-year-old Robert Fuller in Palmdale was a likely suicide.



The County coroner touched off an uproar, as community members questioned how officials could know so quickly.


On Monday, Coroner Jonathan Lucas said the initial finding was based on the fact that there was no evidence of foul play, but now he believes "that we should look into it a little more deeply and carefully, just considering all the circumstances at play.”


The City of Palmdale is gratified that multiple agencies are now involved in the investigation into the death of Robert Fuller.  We want to thank the community and elected officials who joined us in requesting the State Attorney General provide their oversight of the investigation to ensure transparency and accountability. 



City of Palmdale Statement - 6 pm - Robert Fuller Investigation


Following today’s announcement by Sheriff Villanueva, we were pleased to learn that both the State Attorney General and the FBI-Civil Rights division answered the community’s call to put this investigation under a microscope.  We join with our coalition in support of the involvement by these outside agencies and also with the Fuller family and the community in seeking a full and thorough investigation into the tragic death of Robert Fuller.


We want to thank the community for their passionate pursuit for justice in this matter and let you know that the City of Palmdale hears our residents and will continue to stand united in support of your voices. 


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