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Gov. Newsom declares state of emergency in Los Angeles County

SACRAMENTO – Governor Gavin Newsom this evening authorized assistance after a request from the city and county of Los Angeles, and proclaimed a state of emergency in Los Angeles County. California approved the city and county’s request to deploy members of the National Guard to assist Los Angeles and neighboring communities.

The California National Guard will be used to assist local response to the protests being held, and to maintain peace and safety on the streets.

Garcetti imposed a curfew for the city’s downtown section, saying everyone must be off the streets between 8 p.m. and 5:30 a.m.

“This is no longer a protest,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti told NBC4. “This is vandalism. This is destruction.”


WHEREAS on May 25, 2020, George Floyd tragically died in Minneapolis, Minnesota, shortly following his arrest in which an officer of the Minneapolis Police Department kneeled on his neck to detain him during the arrest, and then did not respond to Mr. Floyd’s requests for help when he stated that he could not breathe; and WHEREAS Los Angeles County and the City of Los Angeles have requested State assistance including the activation of the California National Guard based on the civil unrest the City and County of Los Angeles report and based on limited local resources; and WHEREAS I find that conditions of Government Code section 8558(b), relating to the proclamation of a State of Emergency, have been met; and WHEREAS under the provisions of Government Code section 8625(c), I find that local authority is inadequate to address the threat posed by the civil unrest within Los Angeles County and the City of Los Angeles. NOW, THEREFORE, I, GAVIN NEWSOM, Governor of the State of California, in accordance with the authority vested in me by the State Constitution and statutes, including the California Emergency Services Act, and in particular, Government Code section 8625, HEREBY PROCLAIM A STATE OF EMERGENCY to exist in Los Angeles County and the City of Los Angeles. IT IS HEREBY ORDERED THAT: 1. All agencies of the state government use and employ state personnel, equipment, and facilities or perform any and all activities consistent with the direction of the Office of Emergency Services and the State Emergency Plan. Also, all residents are to heed the advice of emergency officials with regard to this emergency in order to protect their safety. 2. The Office of Emergency Services shall provide assistance to Los Angeles County and the City of Los Angeles, if appropriate and necessary, under the authority of the California Disaster Assistance Act, Government Code section 8550 et seq., and California Code of Regulations, Title 19, section 2900 et seq. 3. The California National Guard shall mobilize under Military and Veterans Code sections 143 and 146 to support response efforts in Los Angeles County and the City of Los Angeles.I FURTHER DIRECT that as soon as hereafter possible, this proclamation be filed in the Office of the Secretary of State and that widespread publicity and notice be given of this proclamation. IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the State of California to be affixed this 30th day of May 2020. _________________________ GAVIN NEWSOM Governor of California

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