LASD reports shows 260 employees have tested Positive for Coronavirus as of 5/29/2020

LASD reports shows 260 employees have tested Positive for Coronavirus as of 5/29/2020

May 30, 2020






Correctional Health Services (CHS) and/or the Department of Public Health (DPH) have the authority to designate an isolation of an inmate or quarantine of a housing area.



·                     There are currently (148) positive patients in isolation, under medical observation and receiving care.

·                     There are currently (681) positive asymptomatic patients in isolation, under medical observation.


Since the start of this pandemic there have been (652) Patients and (825) Asymptomatic inmates who have tested positive for COVID-19, for a total of (1,477) positive tests.  There have been a total of (1,260) negative inmate test results for those identified as PUI’s.  There have been a total of (3,980) inmates who have received a negative test result subsequent to the administered asymptomatic test.


Note: Since May 1, 2020, CHS has conducted a total of (4,805) COVID-19 tests to identify asymptomatic positive inmates.


·         The Positive Patient and Asymptomatic totals may fluctuate depending on the individuals’ medical needs.


·         (474) Patients and (103) Asymptomatic inmates have fully recovered/symptom free for 72 hours in accordance with CDC guidelines.

·         (30) Positive patients and (41) Asymptomatic inmates totaling (71) individuals have been released from custody after testing positive for COVID-19, but prior to meeting CDC standards for being considered fully recovered.


Individuals in custody who have tested positive and/or are awaiting tests results upon release are provided with information on CDC guidelines surrounding self-isolation/care, as well as linkage to community services, if needed.  CHS also makes a notification to DPH for official mandated tracking purposes.


Isolation is designated for individuals who have a temperature of 100.4 or higher, or are exhibiting certain flu like symptoms consistent with an upper respiratory infection.  All patients in Isolation/under observation have either tested positive or have been tested and CHS is awaiting results.


CTC has (19) patients in isolation.

o        PUIs: (3)

o        Confirmed: (16)

·                     Twin Towers Correctional Facility has (186) patients in isolation.

o        PUIs: (64)

o        Confirmed: (122)

·                     LCMC currently has (8) patient(s) in isolation.

o        PUIs: (0)

o        Confirmed: (8)

·                     CRDF currently has (7) patients(s) in isolation.

o        PUIs: (5)

o        Confirmed: (2)


Total PUIs: 72

Total Confirmed: 148

Total Isolation: 220


Quarantine is defined as individuals who have had close contact of ten minutes or more with a person currently under observation.


·                     Century Regional Detention Facility has (533) inmates under quarantine

·                     Men’s Central Jail has (1,722) inmates under quarantine;

·                     Twin Towers Correctional Facility has (735) inmates under quarantine;

                      PDC- East Facility has (35) inmates under quarantine;

·                     PDC- North Facility has (495) inmates under quarantine;



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·                     PDC-South Facility has (137) inmates under quarantine;

·                     PDC-North County Correctional Facility has (1,917) inmates under quarantine;

·                     CTC has (2) inmate under quarantine;

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July 12, 2020

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