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Governor Gavin Newsom has approved Kern County's phase 2 reopening application.

Kern can begin to move from curbside and take out to dine in options as this week, as long as they meet the necessary health department requirements,

On Tuesday May 19th Kern County Board of Supervisors approved an attestation to apply for state approval to move forward with phase two of reopening.

Gov. Newsom was the first governor in the nation to issue a statewide stay-at home order.

The state guidelines for retail and restaurants include requirements to train staff, wear masks and gloves in some situations, clean certain areas more frequently and implement social distancing.

Ryan J. Alsop

@KernCAO #KernCounty's attestation has been approved by Governor Newsom! @KGETnews @23ABCNews @KERN1180 @kuzznews @tbcbreakingnews

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