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Public Health Hazard to Our Community

All cities are prohibited from banning sidewalk vendors because of the Safe Sidewalk Vending Act, also known as SB 946, though the structure of how to enforce payment and safe vending practices has been highly publicized and heavily debated. Permits/licenses In 2020, the first six months will cost vendors $291 to sell their food, and $541 after July 1.

There are still tight restrictions surrounding SB 946 within LA County at large.

Illegal vending is a serious public health hazard to our communities throughout Los Angeles County. The Mobile Food Vending Investigation and Compliance Program is responsible for inspecting these vendors who prepare and/or sell food without a Public Health Permit. Every approved mobile food facility can be identified by a numbered and dated sticker affixed to the truck or cart (pictured below).

If a vendor is selling food and does not have a sticker or a health permit, they are possibly selling food illegally and should be reported to the program. Other violations, most of which can possibly make people sick include:

  • No potable water for food handlers to wash their hands or utensils

  • Food obtained from unapproved sources

  • Potentially hazardous food held at unsafe temperatures

  • Lack of proper equipment to maintain food at the required temperatures

  • Unsanitary conditions including unclean food equipment

  • Food not protected from contamination or adulteration

  • No restroom available for food handlers

  • Unapproved food equipment

The following pictures show examples of different vendors found working illegally.

The Mobile Food Vending Investigation and Compliance Program is made up of ten inspectors who investigate complaints from the public. Due to limited resources, the size of county, and the number of complaints received each day, it may take some time to address each complaint, but every single complaint will be investigated. To file a complaint, you may call the number listed below. Be prepared to give specific information including address, city, zip code, day and times of operation, a description of what the vendor is selling, if the vendor is doing any food preparation (cutting, cooking, grilling), and the police division that covers that area.


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