Reminder to use extra caution against online and door-to-door scams during public health crisis. Stay safe!

Reminder to use extra caution against online and door-to-door scams during public health crisis. Stay safe!

March 27, 2020


Lancaster Sheriff’s Station reminds our residents to use extra caution during this public health crisis. As in all times of uncertainty, fraud schemes and scams become prevalent, with predators taking advantage of elderly and vulnerable residents.
Here are some tips for online safety:

  1. Do not click on emails and/or attachments you do not recognize

  2. Visit only trusted websites (listed below) for COVID-19 information

  3. Use caution when forwarding emails, spam or other links. Often times, hackers can deliver malware, gaining access to personal information.

  4. Use caution when receiving emails from “doctors” or anyone offering medical supplies or services.

Here are some tips for home safety:

  1. Never, ever, open your door to anyone you do not recognize. There is NO such thing as a “COVID-19” or “Corona Virus” safety team going door to door. While it has not been reported in the Antelope Valley, rumors have circulated of unknown persons going door to door acting as safety teams demanding to inspect people’s homes. There is no such team and you should not open your home to anyone claiming to be such.

  2. There is no COVID-19 fundraiser. Do not donate money to anyone coming to your door or requesting funds online.

  3. If you are an essential worker and your kids are home alone, ensure you have a safety plan in place for them. Make sure they know who to call in case of an emergency.

  4. Don’t forget to lock your doors, windows and vehicles. Don’t leave valuables out in plain view. Keep up your #9pmRoutine and make sure all of your valuables are secured.

A message from Los Angeles County Emergency Operations Center worded it perfectly by encouraging “everyone to not feel intimidated by a false sense of urgency to answer door-to-door solicitations”. Please remind your elderly family members and friends to stay calm and not make any financial decisions based on an unknown party rushing them to do so.
We are here to help! Our deputies remain steadfast in patrolling our community and providing the best service to you.

  • County of Los Angeles:

  • County of Los Angeles Public Health: 

  • California Department of Public Health:

  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention:

 Lancaster Sheriff’s Station polices the City of Lancaster, Antelope Valley College in Lancaster, and the unincorporated communities of Antelope Acres, Lake Los Angeles, and Quartz Hill in the Antelope Valley.

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