Residents beware of utility scams! Be extra cautious during trying times.

March 17, 2020




We know A LOT of information is going out today and this may all seem overwhelming. But Lancaster Station would like to take a moment to caution our residents to not fall prey to financial scams during these uncertain times.

Residents are receiving calls from “utility companies” advising them of service interruptions unless the recipient sends money via a money order or purchases a “Green Dot” card. THIS IS A SCAM.


Utility companies will not and have not made any phone calls of that nature and will not be interrupting services. Please do not purchase any type of gift card, green dot card, money order or send money to anyone you do not know personally.

Unfortunately, scammers take advantage or insecurities and confusion to commit their crimes. Confirm and validate all of the information you hear through trusted official websites or by calling companies directly. 


We are here to help as much as we can so stay tuned to all of our social media platforms.


Lancaster Sheriff’s Station polices the City of Lancaster, Antelope Valley College in Lancaster, and the unincorporated communities of Antelope Acres, Lake Los Angeles, and Quartz Hill in the Antelope Valley

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