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Black Maternal Health Expo.

The WOW Flower Project committee is actively planning a “Women’s Health Expo” to inform & educate the community. To encourage routine health maintenance and how to advocate for quality care.  

As a village, we have taken on the platform of Maternal Health, Mental Health, and celebrating the Black History of Women in the medical field. We have concerned about having the highest rate of LA County and the health disparity of African American women and maternal health in the Antelope Valleys is alarming. The committee is filled with local African Americans health care providers RN’s, LVN, Postpartum educators, Holistic practitioners, and concerned community leaders. We will be focusing on providing educational sessions to the participants at the expo and to outreach within the African American community. The “Black Maternal Health Expo” is hosting a pregnancy pageant to highlight how to advocate during pregnancy, birth plans, exercise, nutrition, mental health, and A photoshoot and dance performance. Educational Sessions on puberty (adolescence health), sexual maturation (reproductive age health), climacteric period, and post-climacteric (elderly) years., STD, heart health, nutrition, Oral dental health, and Mental Health. Workshops on diabetes, hypertension, strokes, obesity, heart-related diseases. The sponsorship will provide funding for the cost of the venue, speakers, lunches, wellness treatments, t-shirts, totes, giveaways, raffles, and childcare. We are in partnership with NAACP, Sun Village Women’s Club, African American Sorority, African Americans churches, and Women Veteran. The event is scheduled for When: February 22, 2020 Time: 10:00-2:00 Location: Eastside Performance Theater, Lancaster CA Why: Goal - Inform & Educate Pregnant Women of health disparities and encourage women of healthy lifestyle options.

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