Lake Los Angeles School Presented Wellness Center Tour

February 13, 2020


Lake Los Angeles – Thursday February 6, Mrs. Tangie Schatz, Principal of Lake Los Angeles School, treated Marcia Sanchez, Alicia Villafuerte, Shary Tejada-Rosales and Shirley Harriman to a tour of the Wellness Center under construction on the campus grounds of the school.
This Center has been an on-going project for four years with community involvement since early 2018. The Center was introduced to the community in September at the Park when a Wellness Festival was held. iHeart Lake LA, Crocheting for a Cause and LLA Family Group NAC set up booths with AVPH and Keppel District teachers to present the project to the community. 


At other community events, the Lake Los Angeles Family Group NAC was ever present with information and support for this project. 

Presenting the project to the Keppel School Board by Marcia Sanchez was followed by an up vote ‘go ahead’ for the Center. The presentation included the diorama (pictured), listing of services that the Center will offer including a health clerk, vaccination, mental health, hearing, visions, dental and community referrals and others. South Bay Counseling Center (SBCC) analyzed the NAC survey conducted at Sorensen Park which collected responses from community members’ opinions about what kind of services they felt were needed.
Results of the survey are:
Medical Assistance ....... 22%
Mental Health Services...17%
Immigration Services......14%
Classes for Parents........13%
Autism Awareness..........12%
Nutrition Classes.............11%
Financial Classes............10%
Meetings SBCC............... 9%
This Wellness Center was developed as an alternative resource for our community. It was designed with a multi-purpose room, 6 other rooms, 1 equipment room, 1 kitchen and 3 restrooms. 

Mrs. Sanchez pointed out, “These types of spaces strengthen the fabric of society because it allows the development of different activities. It will facilitate the integration of members of the community, social cohesion and the manifestation of diverse community expression where the Center is located. We appreciate the support of the Lake L A Family Group, SBCC and Lake Los Angeles School.”
A ribbon cutting is planned in mid-April. It will be a celebration of a milestone for the benefit and betterment of the community of Lake Los Angeles. 


By Shirley Harriman 

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