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Temperatures below 33 degrees in the Antelope Valley.

The cold air mass behind the recent frontal passage remains over  the area, with an even colder lows expected tonight for areas with  decreasing winds. The gusty northerly winds across the area will shift to the northeast overnight, shifting the focus of stronger  winds. All wind-sheltered locations will see temperatures dropping quickly tonight as the air mass is very dry and cold. 

Areas exposed to offshore winds will see less cooling overnight. Freeze Warnings are expected for sheltered coast and valley locations, with Hard Freeze Warnings for interior valleys of SLO, SBA Counties, the Ojai Valley and the Antelope Valley, where widespread teens are expected. Only the L.A. and Ventura Coast are not under and freeze products, with lows in the upper 30s to low 40s expected. (and the mountains do not have Freeze products issued in the wintertime). Peak NE winds for L.A. and Ventura Counties are expected to be between 45 to 55 mph, highest over L.A. County. The valleys will see gusts between 35 to 50 mph.   

“Children, the elderly, and people with disabilities or special medical needs are especially vulnerable during cold weather,” Dr. Muntu Davis, Los Angeles County Public Health’s Health Officer, said in a  prior statement.  When temperatures drop, people should not use stoves, barbecues or ovens to heat their homes, health officials said. People should instead dress in layers of warm clothes when outside; protect outer extremities with hats, scarves, gloves and socks; check on sick or elderly family, friends on neighbors; and bring pets indoors overnight. Freezing temperatures raises the risk of hypothermia and frostbite. Another danger from cold is the attempt to keep homes warm with unapproved sources that can produce carbon monoxide. Winter shelters will be open this week. Call 211 or go to to find a winter shelter location. 

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