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Did you know you can make an online police report?

The Sheriff's Online Report Tracking System (SORTS), allows you to file an online report if it occurred within the Los Angeles Sheriff Department's jurisdiction, and meets the following criteria: * Lost or stolen cell phones valued $950 or less * Lost or stolen property valued $950 or less * Vandalism, excluding graffiti, where damage is valued under $400 * Theft from an unlocked vehicle valued $950 or less * Theft from an open or unsecured area valued $950 or less * Supplemental Loss Form (Must already have a LASD report number) Once your report is reviewed and accepted, you will receive a free copy of the approved report emailed to you for your records. To start your report visit: **REMINDER** IF THIS IS AN EMERGENCY OR A CRIME IS IN PROGRESS, DO NOT USE THIS SYSTEM. CALL 9-1-1 

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