Crime Prevention Tips

We have been receiving an influx in home burglaries throughout the city. With that in mind, here are three main safety tips to help you prevent becoming a victim. 1. LOCK IT UP - Always make sure to close and lock all doors and windows before leaving the house, even if you only plan to be gone a few minutes. - DO NOT leave a spare key out in common hiding places such as under the floor mat, pot, or rocks. - If you have a swamp cooler, or air conditioning unit in a window, remember to place a nail or pin into the frame, to prevent it from lifting. 2. SECURE THE YARD - Consider installing motion activated lighting for your front and back yards. - Do not leave tools or ladders easily accessible. - It is a smart idea to plant thorny bushes or shrubs beneath first floor windows to prevent easy access. - Do not advertise to burglars by leaving big boxes visible (i.e the flat screen TV box). Break down the boxes to fit inside your trash bins. 3. KNOW YOUR NEIGHBORS - If you plan to leave on a vacation, call Palmdale Station at (661) 272 2400, and request a patrol check. This will notify the deputies of your absence from the residence, and they will conduct checks to ensure everything is safe and untouched. - Start a Neighborhood Watch, this will help you get to know your neighbors. Always remember "If you see something, say something!"