Lancaster, CA - Antelope Valley Fair officials have formally announced the 2020 Antelope Valley Fair and Alfalfa Festival theme tagline, “Saay Whaaat?!”. As is tradition, the Antelope Valley Fair Association Board of Directors was tasked with selecting the winning theme tagline. Nearly 500 community tagline entries were submitted, vying for the prestigious honor of contributing to the 2020 A.V. Fair and Alfalfa Festival branding, marketing and PR efforts. The winning 2020 theme was submitted by Robert Sepulveda, a second time tagline winner. In 2017, Sepulveda submitted the winning tagline “Cele-Grape-tion.” According to Mr. Sepulveda, the core word for the 2020 Fair tagline made the process a bit more challenging, but a lot of fun. “I’m thrilled that ‘Saay Whaaat?!’ was selected for the 2020 Fair tagline. It’s quirky yet relatable to most people. I’ve been going to the Antelope Valley Fair for many, many years. When I attend the Fair, I see so many family and friends... it’s just like getting a big community hug every summer.” Sepulveda went on to say, “I strongly encourage all Antelope Valley residents to get involved with the community by engaging in local competitions, volunteering, or attending great events like the Antelope Valley Fair.” As the winner, Sepulveda will have the option to participate in several pre-Fair events, Fair tickets and more.

Photo Credit : avfair.com

AV Fair and Event Center CEO, Dan Jacobs commented, “Year after year local residents submit hundreds of clever taglines, and this year did not disappoint. This year’s selected tagline, “Saay Whaaat?!” sets the tone for another fun year for both a creative theme and marketing messaging. We’re very excited for the upcoming Fair season where we’ll have a few surprises this year. I encourage all Fair fans, partners, sponsors and volunteers to stay tuned for upcoming announcements. 2020 is going to be a great year for the AV Fair and Alfalfa Festival.” The dates of the 2020 AV Fair and Alfalfa Festival are August 21st through August 30th. For all AV Fair and Event Center information be sure to visit avfair.com