A 15 year old teen has been arrested for making  threats to a local high school.

November 12, 2019


On Monday, November 11, 2019, Lancaster Sheriff’s Station received numerous phone calls regarding a threatening comment an unknown person posted on a social media website of a local high school.

Through a diligent investigation, deputies were able to identify the subject as a 15 year old male and arrested him at his residence in Lancaster. While the subject is a student at a school in Lancaster, he is not and has never been a student of the school the threatening comment was directed at. The subject was charged with felony criminal threats and will be transported to Juvenile Hall with no bail. At this time, this incident is considered resolved and there are no further threats to the school from this subject.


Press Release : LASD 

Lancaster Sheriff’s Station would like to remind parents that every threat, whether it be verbal or on social media is taken seriously by our deputies and investigated immediately. Our investigations have shown that a large majority of these threats are made by students as a “joke” or “prank.” However, our deputies MUST treat every threat as real. Regardless of their intention, these threats are unlawful, carry serious criminal consequences and it is important our children know that.

We thank our staff, parents, and students who remain vigilant and help us keep our schools as safe as possible. Lancaster Sheriff’s Station continues to work hand in hand with parents, students, and faculty to ensure our schools are a safe place for all of our students to learn.

We remind you, if you see something, say something!

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