Head on traffic collision on Bouquet Canyon Road.

This morning our units were called to a head on traffic collision on Bouquet Canyon Road. According to witnesses, the driver of a Toyota Camry was unsafely passing vehicles over double yellow lines, in the middle of a blind curve and subsequently went head on with an oncoming early model Chevrolet Corvette.

Fortunately both parties survived the collision, but the driver of the Camry sustained major injuries, while the driver of the Corvette sustained moderate injuries. We wish for a full and speedy recovery to both involved parties. As a reminder to us all, the double yellow lines are there for a reason. 


The safe passing zones are only where the lines are broken with adequate visibility. If you're finding yourself passing over double yellow lines, perhaps you should leave earlier or find a road with more lanes to suit your needs. Drive careful everyone, we're half way through the work week.