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Jaime Perez found guilty for killing a man in Rosamond.

Kern County District Attorney Cynthia J. Zimmer announced a verdict in a significant homicide case today.

Kern County jury found Jaime Perez guilty of one count of first-degree murder for the April 2018 killing of Kyle Ramirez. The case was prosecuted by Deputy District Attorney Gina Pearl.

On Friday, April 13, 2018, Kyle Ramirez was last seen alive at Perez’ house in Rosamond, CA. The following day, Kyle’s body was found inside Perez’ bedroom. Kyle’s body exhibited evidence of beating via blunt force trauma to the head, multiple stab wounds, as well as strangulation.

Responding officers found Perez, who provided a false name, hiding inside a closet with a knife in his pocket. Analysis from the Kern Regional Crime Lab identified Perez’ DNA on multiple items of evidence located at the crime scene, including belts used to bind Kyle’s body.

The case was investigated by the Kern County Sheriff’s Office.

Advised of the conviction, District Attorney Cynthia Zimmer commented that “The new Homicide unit continues to make progress in holding our county’s most violent criminals accountable. Successful investigation and prosecution of homicide cases will continue to play an important role in reversing the increases in violent crime we’ve seen in prior years.” Jaime Perez faces 26 years-to-life in prison at his sentencing, currently scheduled for October 9, 2019.

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