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Sheriff's Office Warns Of Animal Rescue Scam

Animal lovers treat their pets as a member of their family. So when pet lovers see animals in need of help, they do all they can to help and that can mean donating money to local charities. Unfortunately, there are thieves who prey on people’s compassion.  

How this scam works: • Consumers may be contacted via social media, email, phone, or U.S. mail seeking donations to rescue an animal. • Crooks will post pictures of the animals with false information about “high kill” shelters and imminent death unless they immediately receive money to rescue the pets. • Once the money has been donated, it doesn’t go towards the care of the animal - It goes straight into the thieves’ pockets. Tips to help you not become a victim of this scam: • Verify the charity or organization is legitimate. • Double-check if there is an animal who needs to be rescue. • Ask the organization or charity what help has already been provided to the animal and whether it is at risk of death. #LASD 

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