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A suspect was arrested  for residential burglary.

The Palmdale  Deputies responded to a location in east Palmdale regarding a burglary that just occurred. 

The burglary suspect entered a residence occupied by one adult and three children. After fleeing the area, the suspect was located by deputies and arrested for residential burglary. Numerous cameras were located throughout the neighborhood where the incident occurred. Deputies were able to obtain surveillance camera footage from numerous residences showing the suspect fleeing from the burglary location to a nearby park. Shortly after fleeing from the initial burglary location, the suspect ran to another residence and attempted to gain access into it through a side garage door but was unsuccessful. The suspect was additionally charged with an attempted residential burglary at the second location. This serves as a reminder to invest in surveillance cameras for your property and always make sure you lock your doors and windows prior to leaving your residences, even if it's just for a short period of time! 

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