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A Lancaster school in hot water.

A father post on social media has caused  outraged in the community of the Antelope Valley. 

A school in Lancaster, Ca in hot water,  after a father posted disturbing  pictures on Facebook .  

You can read the entire post, it has gone viral with hundreds of views and comments from the community. 

Photo Courtesy/Permission of : Trevor Hibbert.

We have distorted student face for his safety and protection. 

Facebook post.... 

This is what happens to an 11 year old, special needs, severely autistic child when he has a meltdown and is able to walk off the Lancaster School District, Endeavour Middle School “secure” campus almost a mile away, for a THIRD TIME in three weeks due to their gross failure to adhere to his IEP by the Administration and District. Thank God our Sheriff’s department was there to clean up your mess, but the damage is done... Well done Principal Arnold-Dehay. The damage you have done to my son and the years of progress that has been setback are irreparable. And now a lawsuit isn’t enough. You and your staff did this. Now, by God Almighty if it’s the last thing I do, I’m going to make you and the district famous for it. #justice4Abe #makeSoniafamous Precious Post... (one week ago) IEP #2. “The District will respond in writing.” As will I... REPEATEDLY 1.) Utterly inept, untrained Administration. ie. Assigning a yard duty aid instead of the, (IEP Guaranteed) trained, one-on-one special needs para-educator in her absence? 2.) Gross negligence. Violations of the State and Federal laws and guidelines. Unsafe security protocols. ie. Literally allowing an 11 year-old autistic child to abscond from a “secure” campus during a meltdown through an unlocked and open gate to be alone and unsupervised in a neighborhood ten miles from his home. (No. I Am not kidding) 3.) Blatant disregard of established protocols. ie. Failure to notify a parent of a death threat made to their child by another student followed by blatant misrepresentation of the facts in the matter. 5.) Attempted hindrance and violation of the 1st and 4th Amendments. Not allowing a parent to film the mistreatment of their own child, (while no other child was present but only the thoroughly untrained staff) mishandling the melt-down in absolute disregard of established IEP behavior modification protocol. 6.) Pathetic threats. ie. In response to being informed that my child would not be returning to school until such times as I was confident of his safety, being told by the LSD attorney, “There are consequences” from keeping my child at home. Really? Send the truancy Officer right over Sunshine. 7.) Complete and utter lack of understanding, training, and appreciation of the nature of children with Autism and an obvious attempted punitive measure against concerned parents. ie. (Sit down and Buckle up cause you’re not gonna believe this) Literally sending a child to a hospital on an attempted, (and according to hospital staff “utterly ridiculous”) 5150 AFTER that 11 year-old child had already transitioned from a melt-down... You want to put things in writing, Madame? YOU GOT IT! That is how the Lancaster School District Administration and the Principal of Endeavour Middle School deals with special needs students and their parents. Oh, And one more thing, “in writing”... Reward and Punishment. Carrots and Sticks... The figurative motivational basis, (with the debatable exception of human love) for the actions of every moderately intelligent species on Earth. Regrettably, the less developed of those species, (ie. School Administrators and others who, during evolution had ancestors in the control group) are incapable of recognizing carrots when offered. Pity, but so be it... I HAVE FORESTS FULL. Therefore... I am publicly announcing my candidacy for Lancaster School District Board in the next available election. If I cannot obtain proper assistance and services for my special needs son by appealing to the LSD administration as a parent, then by God Almighty I will demand it for all of our children as your voice and a representative of our community on the board. Our teachers, our children, and our community deserve better and I will hold those accountable who have failed to provide it. Sock Puppets and Crayons version - I WILL be running for LSD School Board in the next available election. I WILL win, and when I do... I WILL clean house. #inwriting , #autismspeaks , #Justice4Abe 

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