AV High School District Board Decides To Suspend Volunteer

The Antelope Valley High School District  Board , is investigating a volunteer and a former Board Trustee Donita Winm. Many residents have expressed their disagreements with the latest action of the three Board members. Calling it a “Witch hunt” others are questioning how much the investigation will cost the district. “That the money could be invested in the school, students or teachers”.  Here you can read the letter sent to Mrs. Winn by the AV High  School District.   And the reaction from her husband Duane Winn who’s a board member of the Eastside School District. 

Posted by Duanne Winn on his Facebook page and recall groups.  “I write to notify you that approval for you to act as a volunteer with the Antelope Valley Union High School District is suspended, pending a personnel investigation to be conducted by an independent, outside investigator. As such, you are not authorized to act as a volunteer in District schools or programs, or to access District school sites and facilities in that capacity until further notice." This notice was sent to my wife, Donita Winn, from the Antelope Valley High School District Board of Trustees. In a 3-2 vote, during a Closed Session, Dr. Victoria Ruffin, Robert Davis, and Amanda Parnell, with no explanation of charges, announced this investigation. As most of you are familiar with Donita's volunteerism at all schools, this investigation is very unsettling to her. She served as Trustee for the AVUHSD for 14 years, has volunteered at the schools for 30 years, was Chairperson of School Bond committees for the Lancaster School District, AV High School District, and the AV College District. Her reputation is flawless, her spirit toward helping schools is admirable, her genuine honesty is beyond reproach. So to have the three Board Members launch an investigation, with no explanation, leaves her baffled and unsettled. Her actions have been very transparent. She is working diligently to recall Dr. Ruffin, Mr. Davis, and Ms. Parell from the School Board for their illegal actions over the last 9 months. Perhaps this is their way of trying to bully Donita to stop her efforts on the recall. Since they will not explain why the investigation was launched, on a private citizen, it certainly lacks any credibility. Please contact your School Board Member to ask for reasons for this action. robertdavis168@gmail.com, 162460@students.avhsd.org, drvruffinavboard@gmail.com, alparrell0928@gmail.com, jrush@avhsd.org, jilllmcgrady@yahoo.com, vierra@avhsd.org This three members of the High School District Board are acting with no fear of reprisals. Please share this so all Antelope Valley residents can inundate the Board Members.