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Lancaster Sheriff's Station Deputies rescued a man in Lake Los Angeles.

Last night, our station received a call for service of a man who had fallen off his ATV and injured his arm. 

Slightly disoriented, he was only able to provide our station with a general area of where he was. The four deputies assigned to Lake Los Angeles responded to the area, but quickly realized their patrol cars wouldn't go too far. So they walked. Courtesy of : LASD

With the sun going down and rain showers coming in, our deputies knew they had to find the injured man fast. Just over a small hill, deputies spotted the ATV and were able to run to the man. Los Angeles County Fire Department landed their helicopter nearby and our deputies were able to walk the man over so he could be airlifted to medical services. Just as our deputies walked back to their patrol cars, the rain came in. These incredible pictures with the thunderstorms in the background were taken by one of our amazing deputies, Deputy Granados. Thank you to our deputies for the work you do. My hero wears a badge. #LASD #AV411 #myherowearsabadge Lancaster Sheriff's Station 

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