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Don’t Be Fooled into Clicking on Fake Computer Virus Alerts

Clicking on a pop-up window warning about computer virus threats could have the opposite effect for those who aren’t careful. In the Fake Virus Alert Scam, victims receive a fraudulent pop-up claiming that viruses have been detected on their computer and directing them to click on a link to stop the cyberattack or update security measures. In reality, the alert is the real threat. Clicking on a fake virus warning can cause damaging malware to be downloaded and expose victims’ data and personal information. TIPS: Alerts from security software not already installed on a computer probably are fake. Don’t click or attempt to close the pop-up window; restart your web browser instead. Run a manual security scan if a computer may be at risk. Follow @LADAOffice on Twitter and Instagram for up-to-date news and use #FraudFriday. 

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