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Measure M funding to begin work on projects included in the Lake LA Community Pedestrian Plan and th

Los Angeles – Attached is the map County used in the Lake Los Angeles Pedestrian Plan Implementation (Phase 1) grant application. 

Although the first round of grant approval failed in March 2019, the County is continuing to work on the pre-engineering phase of the entire program and looking to more funding sources. This indicates to the granting authority that County is committed to see this through to completion. The County pursued Measure M funding to begin work on projects included in the Lake LA Community Pedestrian Plan and the County’s Bike Plan. On February 28, the Metro Board of Directors approved $750,00 for the LLA Pedestrian Plan Improvement Step by Step Phase I of the project which includes 170th Street East, Avenue N, 165th Street East, Avenue N-8, 180th Street East, Avenue P-8, 160th Street East and Avenue Q. The $750,000 that the County has secured from the Measure M Sub-Regional Funding pot will be used for the project design and environmental clearance phases of projects identified in both plans for the streets listed on the North LA County Transportation Coalition agenda. Public Works is planning on pursuing additional grant funds to support construction of the projects on these streets. Harriman said, “When the grant was first offered, my emphasis was on two main topics that I felt were the most needed in the community: 1) safe crossings at our schools and 2) safe bike and shared passenger paths throughout LLA, existing and additional. With or without Step by Step, I continued to advocate for these needed and obviously practical solutions to many safety and equity issues facing our residents. That is what you are seeing in this graphic.” What was included by County toward that end result was the Lake Los Angeles Library and Los Angeles County Fire Station #114 which will get crosswalk improvements. On 170th and East Avenue O all four legs will receive these improvements. The Fire Station is positioned in such a manner that excessive speed by the motoring public presents a clear potential for an accident which a rectangular rapid flashing beacon (RRFB) triggered by the engine company could prevent an incident. The addition of K71 bollards would add greatly to directional traffic flow. Speed flashback signs hopefully will grab driver’s attention and they will be inspired to slow down. It is expected that several speeding tickets will be issued. By Shirley Harriman 

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