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“Operation Safe Shop” is an added layer of Protection to Shoppers and Businesses from LASD

Santa Clarita Sheriff’s detectives ‘shop for crooks’ in retail theft operation 

Thursday in effort to deter and prevent crimes, specifically around retail establishments. 

Detectives and deputies partnered up, some uniformed and others non-uniformed, driving both marked and unmarked sheriff’s cars, around retail stores in SCV. Press Release SCV LASD 

By the end of operation, two men were picked up on $50,000 warrants. Another man was arrested on a felony weapons charge for having a concealed dagger.

Other arrests included charges for shoplifting, theft, narcotics and trespassing. It went like clockwork. Designated personnel canvassed the inside of large retail stores, communicating with their partners staged around perimeters of the parking lot. Illegal activity was watched for not only inside the stores, but in and around the parking lots too. The operation, sometimes coined ‘Operation Safe Shop’ serves a two-fold purpose, creating a safe environment for our residents when they go shopping, and protecting our business partners from being a victim of theft. SCV, we’ve got your back! 

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