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Gas prices jump in LA County, no relief in sight.

Out of the 10 major refineries in California, six are dealing with planned maintenance, unplanned breakdowns or both, and four of those refineries are in Southern California 

Gas prices are on the rise in Los Angeles, and April reports on fuel costs show it now costs more per gallon to fill up your tank compared to this week last year. 

Photo: Sometimes a lttle bit of  humor can make tough situations a lot easier. 

Motorists in the West Coast region are paying the highest pump prices in the nation, with all of the region’s states landing on the nation’s top 10 most expensive list. California ($4.00) and Hawaii ($3.55) are the most expensive markets. Washington ($3.39), Oregon ($3.28), Nevada ($3.26), Alaska ($3.15) and Arizona ($2.97) follow. All prices in the region have increased on the week, with California (+20 cents) and Nevada (+18 cents) seeing the largest increases in the region and country. The Energy Information Administration’s (EIA) recent weekly report, for the week ending on April 5, showed that West Coast gasoline stocks fell for a fourth consecutive week by nearly 2 million bbl from the previous week and now sit at 29.04 million bbl. Ongoing planned and unplanned refinery maintenance throughout the region continues to shrink stocks. Total levels are approximately 2.4 million bbl lower than this time last year and could fall further this week depending on refinery maintenance turnaround.

According to AAA

Across the U.S., regular gas averaged $2.77 a gallon, up 7 cents on the week and 29 cents on the month, according to GasBuddy.  

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