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County moves to streamline delivery of Measure H-funded homelessness services to cities and provider

LOS ANGELES COUNTY – The Board of Supervisors has approved a motion by Supervisors Kathryn Barger and Hilda L. Solis directing county agencies to develop a plan to streamline contracting processes with local cities to ensure more efficient delivery of homeless services and resources through Measure H. “Combatting the crisis of homelessness in Los Angeles County is a task that cannot be tackled by one entity alone,” Supervisor Barger said. “Just as every individual’s experience of homelessness is unique, the set of solutions created to address the issue, as well as the stakeholders involved in implementing those solutions, must be appropriately comprehensive.” Los Angeles County is currently collecting and allocating an unprecedented level of resources to combat homelessness. Distributing these resources has met some challenges in the contracting process. There are also opportunities to improve communication and data sharing mechanisms with cities, Continuums of Care, and Councils of Governments. “Today’s Board motion will streamline the way the County contracts with our cities in the delivery of local homeless services, and it will improve the County’s communication with cities,” Supervisor Solis said. “Enhanced communications and a streamlined contracting process will lead to innovative Countywide solutions that will allow us to offer our most vulnerable residents permanent housing.” Today’s action directs the CEO Homeless Initiative and the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority to enhance their efforts to engage cities and Continuums of Care and to support their unique solutions including prevention, rapid rehousing, outreach, and enhanced services for transitional age youth. There will be a report back in 45 days with recommendations on the enhancement, including regular listening sessions and communication mechanisms for a meaningful exchange of information, including city-level data on Measure-H funded services.  

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