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Planes Available for Adoption at Airpark Through City’s Adopt-a-Plane Program

PALMDALE – The City of Palmdale’s Joe Davies Heritage Airpark at Palmdale Plant 42 currently has three aircraft available for “adoption” as part of it Adopt-a-Plane program. “We have several volunteer groups who have ‘adopted’ aircraft at the park, which means that they commit to cleaning their aircraft display a few Saturdays a year,” said Palmdale’s Recreation Coordinator Kathleen Whiteside. “Three planes have become recently available for adoption: the WWII C-46 Commando, the NASA’s C-140 Jetstar & SCA 747 and the Navy A-4 Skyhawk.” Among the “adoption” duties are picking up trash and debris, pulling weeds and keeping dirt and dust off the planes by pressure washing them. “If your group is looking for a way to get involved in the community, this program provides an excellent opportunity with a minimal time commitment,” Whiteside said. “We’d love to hear from you!” Each group that adopts a plane has a sign displayed next to its adopted aircraft. Currently, groups that have adopted planes at the park include: Air Force Association AV Chapter (F-100 Super Sabre), AV Riders (A-7 Corsair), Antelope Valley Sea Cadet Squadron (F-14 Tomcat), Cochran Family (T-33 Shooting Star), NGC-Retirees Group (F-5 Freedom Fighter Tiger), Highland High School Air Force Junior ROTC (Phantom II), Palmdale Chamber of Commerce (F-105 Thunderchief), Major McManus Boys Club (T-38 Talon), Northrop Grumman AV Recreation Club (B-2 Spirit model) The Palmdale Aerospace Academy (F-104 Star Fighter), The Palmdale Aerospace Academy Robotics Team (Burt Rutan’ s Triumph), AV’s Most Wanted Performance ( F-16 Falcon) and S.O.A.R.( F-101 Voodoo), The Devlin’s / Routing Logistic, LLC (X-55 ACCA), LASD V.I.T.A. Program-Palmdale (B-52 Stratofortress), and Dana Baker, (F-86 Saber). The Antelope Valley Sunrise Rotary provides refreshments for the volunteers. To learn more about the Adopt-a-Plane program, visit, or call or email call Trish Jones at 661/267-5743 or 

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