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Poppies are in full bloom at the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve In Lancaster .

If you are planning to visit the Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve in Lancaster they have some recommendations and rules that must be fallow by all visitors.  

If you can not drive to see the Poppies , now they offer you a Cell Phone Tour! Smartphone users can go to and watch for notifications along the trails. Learn about the natural and cultural history of the reserve, with photos and audio stops. 

There are things to know before you go, information courtesy of the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve.

Park Rules For a complete list of rules & regulations, click here: California Code of Regulations DO NOT BRING DOGS. Domestic animals, including comfort dogs, are not allowed (with the exception of trained service animals). Service animals are requested, but not required, to wear distinguishing markers to avoid misleading other visitors regarding our dog regulations. No horses, bikes, food, or smoking on the trails. Visitors must stay on official trails. DO NOT walk where others have already crushed plants; it will increase the damage. Picking or destroying ANY wildflowers in the park is a violation of State law. 

All features of the park are protected including wildlife, rocks and historic objects, and may not be collected without a permit. Drones are prohibited in the airspace above the park by posted order due to stress on sensitive wildlife, visitor's expectations of reasonable privacy, and other reasons. Food is only permitted in the picnic area and parking lots. Filming and photography: All commercial, student, non-profit, feature news, and documentary filming and photography projects require a permit. Email Supervising Ranger Matt Williams a minimum of 10 days in advance. Filming for personal use with a drone is prohibited over park property. Scattering ashes: Parties must have a permit from the Tehachapi District office with them. If your funeral home or cremation service has received the Tehachapi District permit, they must provide a copy for you to bring with you. 

Please stay on the trails. The flowers and other desert plants are fragile. When visitors step off the trail, two things happen.

1) The flowers that are stepped on often die, and are not able to reseed for future seasons. 2) The soil gets compacted, and plants can not reseed or regrow, possibly for many years. The photo below shows an area right off the trail where many visitors stepped off the trail to take photos of flowers further up the hillside. Please don't be the person who steps off the trail. You will get ticketed. #DontDoomTheBloom #castateparks #antelopevalleycaliforniapoppyre 

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