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Ridgecrest Police Department detained a suspect who was in the process of using forged bank cards.

Detectives from the Ridgecrest Police Department received information through Desert Valley Federal Credit Union employees of possible fraud in progress. Upon arrival,Detectives based on the information provided, detained the suspect who was in the process of actively withdrawing money from the ATM using forged bank cards. The suspect was later identified as Edward William Tone, who is a Romanian National, and is believed to be a part of a larger group, who is not only responsible for the gas station skimmers, but also the ATM fraud in town. 

Tone was found to be in possession of several forged bank cards, tools needed to open the gas station pumps for installing skimmers, and over $2,300.00 of suspected fraudulently obtained U.S. currency. Tone was later booked into the Kern County Central Receiving facility in Bakersfield, and is currently being held on a no bail hold. Remember to always be on the look out for suspicious activity at and around your gas pumps and ATM machines. If you see any suspicious activity, don't hesitate to call the Ridgecrest Police Department at (760) 499-5100. Note: Official press release with charges to follow soon. By: Investigations Sergeant MARRONE. 

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