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1 - Avenue R and Janus Drive Lane closure on eastbound Avenue R between 35th Street East and 40th Street East on Wednesday March 13 for tree trimming. 2 - Avenue R and 6th Street East Intermittent lane closure for Edison pole replacement Saturday night March 16 through Sunday morning March 17. 3 - Rancho Vista Boulevard (Avenue P) at the State Route 14 bridge from 10th Street West to Country Club Lane Intermittent lane closures for potholing, conduit installation and repairs. 4 - Avenue Q at 15th Street East Intermittent lane closures for utility potholing and repair. 5 - Avenue S at 25th Street East Intermittent lane closures on Avenue S and on 25th Street East for AT&T conduit installation. 6 - 10th Street East, 9th Street East, Avenue Q-11 and Avenue Q-12 Intermittent street and lane closures for the Courson Arts Colony for offsite utility and street improvements. Q-12 closed between 10 th Street East and 11th Street East. Street Light Inspection City crews and contractors will be inspecting and rendering safe streetlight poles as quickly as possible. There are potential wiring issues with some streetlight poles that could result in people or animals receiving an electric shock. The City believes that approximately 1% of the current poles could have a wiring issue, but the degree of the problems can vary greatly. The City is asking residents to please stay away from streetlight poles, especially during rain events. This includes pets. For more information, call the public works department at 267-5300. 

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