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  • Shirley Harriman

Please respond! Proposed infrastructure improvements to make school crossings safe for all traffic,

What next when I get that postcard?

Lake Los Angeles – Step by Step Lake Los Angeles – In your mail there will be a postcard asking you to express your support for the amenities and infra-structure improvements contained in the Step by Step 6-page proposal that will be going to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors for their approval.

Please respond! This will be a measurement of how the community wants these improvements.

It is important to note that this is grant money. This is NOT tax money. The proposal consists of 50 improvements focusing on pedestrian safety improvements in Lake Los Angeles.

This has been “in the works” for over 4 years. All of the obvious, and some not so obvious, improvements to be made to streets, corners, bike paths, school crossings and more have been thoroughly and acutely analyzed and researched to provide LLA with the safest pedestrian amenities possible.

Probably the most critical and popular of the 50 proposed improvements is the safe crossings proposals for Lake Los Angeles School, Challenger Middle School and Vista San Gabriel Elementary School. Proposed infrastructure improvements to make school crossings safe for all traffic, walking, driving, riding or crossing guard activities, everyone will benefit.

Using 180th at O for example, the proposed improvements include: North Leg:

Stripe yellow continental crosswalk - $2,500 South Leg:

Restripe as yellow continental crosswalk - $2,500

East Leg:

Install pedestrian signal - $100,000

Westbound on East Avenue O, west of 180th Street East:

Install speed feedback sign - $10,000

There will be physical buffering, such as western-style fencing or landscaping with guard rails to prevent vehicle incursions; install a roundabout, traffic circle, or mini-roundabout if appropriate; alternatively, install and all-way stop.

Of the 50 proposal perhaps the most necessary is the protection of our children as they go to school each day.

On March 4, a postcard in both English and Spanish will be delivered to each address in Lake Los Angeles. There are 4,797 addresses in the LLA community. Please check your mail during the 3-4 days around March 4 to look for this postcard. The postcards will be dropped in the mail but when individuals will receive it will depend upon the postal service for your area. Some had received their cards over the weekend.

The proposed pedestrian projects and cost estimates will be presented at a Public Hearing in front of Regional Planning on April 10, 2019. The Plan will include the communities of Walnut Park, West Whittier, Westmont/West Athens and Lake Los Angeles for the Regional Planning Committee to examine and approve.

The Plan is a framework for individual policy procedures and change County wide. It is a specific community plan for each community listed. Los Angeles County Public Works will want to update their guidelines and how they do business to accommodate pedestrian policy-making pedestrian standards more routine.

The next step will be to present the Step by Step Plan to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on May 28 for an up or down vote.

The total LLA Unit Costs is $18,205,000. Contingency, Preliminary Engineering and Construction Engineering brings the total investment to $36,410,000.

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