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It's Tax Season! Here's a few tips to ensure you do not fall victim to IRS impersonators.

While some of us my be receiving a refund an others may owe some money, every year, Lancaster Sheriff's Station receives hundreds of calls regarding the IRS, IRS impersonators and other tax fraud issues.

This short video from the Federal Trade Commission points out a few red flags that can help you spot a scammer.

It's important to remember:

1. The IRS is a federal agency. They will contact you first and foremost via mail. While a phone call from the IRS may be placed, it will only occur after several bills have been sent via mail.

2. The IRS will never ask you to verify your information over the phone. You should never provide your social security number, address, middle name or any other information to anyone calling you. While these items may be requested to verify your identity when YOU call THEM, you should never give information like that to an incoming call.

3. The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department nor the IRS will ever demand an immediate payment in lieu of an arrest. Often times, scammers will use the sense of urgency to rush you to make a payment, threatening that a warrant has been issued for your arrest and you must pay immediately. That is not the way the IRS works. 4. You will never be asked to pay your taxes with a Western Union account, prepaid card, ITunes card or any other form of pre paid card. 5. if you believe you owe taxes, log on to the official website of the Internal Revenue Service at or call them directly.

If a phone call seems suspicious to you, HANG UP! You have no obligation to verify your identity to an incoming call, so just hang up. Scammers are looking for a fast, easy victim. Many times, elderly family members and those that do not speak English are targeted. Make sure you share this information with your friends and family. If you feel you have been a victim of a crime, call us at (661) 948-8466, we are only a phone call away! Lancaster Sheriff’s Station polices the City of Lancaster, Antelope Valley College in Lancaster, and the unincorporated communities of Antelope Acres, Lake Los Angeles, and Quartz Hill in the Antelope Valley.

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