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Antelope Valley CHP advices drivers to be cautious when entering and exiting the freeway.

Please slow down entering and exiting the freeway. When you get to the top of that ramp, with any type of turning input, be cautious when you start to accelerate to get up to freeway speed.

This driver lost control at the top of the ramp and subsequently ended up going down the embankment, and rolling over onto its roof.

Press on that gas pedal gradually and scrub speed off before exiting the freeway and having to negotiate a curve in the roadway.

These tips just may help to prevent you from not only wrecking your vehicle, but also injuring yourself or others. We're almost out of this storm, but forecast says possibility for snow may be on our way. Are you ready? Be ready just in case. Drive safe everyone.

Photo Courtesy of : CHP

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