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Stricter ordinance regarding rooster limits throughout L.A County

LONG BEACH, Calif. – As of January 1, 2019, DACC has begun enforcing the rooster limits set forth In the adopted ordinance as noted below.

Roosters allowed without a facility license, Keeping more roosters than identified above requires the resident to obtain a facility license. In no case will a license be approved for more than 25 roosters.

Violators could be fined up to $100 for the first violation, $250 for the second violation, and $500 for the third violation and each additional violation.

This measure was taken to reduce illegal cockfighting and associated criminal activity, outbreaks of avian diseases such as Virulent Newcastle Disease, complaints of noise and odor, and to improve neighboring residents’ quality of life.Feel free to check out the new ordinance on our website content/uploads/2018/09/Filed-Brd-Ltr-CAS11810FinalDocument.pdf for more information.

Size of Property

Maximum number of roosters

Less than one-half acre 2

One-half acre to one acre 4

One to five acres 6

More than five acres 10

For reference, a rooster is defined as a male chicken that is at least six (6) months of age and is capable of crowing or has adult plumage.

Hens are not regulated by this ordinance. A person may have the above maximum number of roosters based on his/her parcel size.

Please note that most local cities already ban or are more restrictive regarding the keeping of roosters. This ordinance now provides similar protections to unincorporated Los Angeles County and will provide safer communities for our unincorporated residents and animals.The animal facility license program exists to accommodate the agricultural educational goals of 4-H and FFA club members and other poultry enthusiasts, who might keep a higher number of roosters.

Residents may apply for an animal facility license by calling the DACC Business Licensing Division at (562) 345-0323 or going to Noise complaints about roosters in DACC’s jurisdiction may be reported to:

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