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  • Vladimir Gomez

Earthquake early warning app now available for L.A County residents.

ShakeAlert® is an earthquake early warning (EEW) system that detects significant earthquakes so quickly that alerts can reach many people before shaking arrives.

Early warnings are not a prediction of an earthquake, but rather an instant notifications that an earthquake has started and shaking is on its way.

Today they're ready to roll with a plan based on ShakeAlert, a beta-tested system that includes a smartphone app.

ShakeAlertLA app and get notified during the critical seconds before an earthquake hits.

Download your app today, from your app store.

Apple App Store:

One of the biggest challenges for an app like ShakeAlertLA is relying on existing smartphone carriers to quickly deliver the warning using cell networks which are easily overwhelmed. Last year, the city of LA partnered with AT&T to allow more than 48,000 city employees to receive the beta alerts locally.

Once ShakeAlertLA is tested at the regional level, USGS plans to expand the warning system to the entire West Coast.

It was developed by Mayor Eric Garcetti’s office in partnership with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), AT&T, and the Annenberg Foundation.

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