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Disabled Parking Placard Enforcement Catches 491 Abusers in September

Sacramento – Investigators with the California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) caught 491 people misusing disabled person parking placards during 14 enforcement operations in September. The majority of those offenses took place during five enforcement operations held at the Los Angeles County Fair that resulted in 443 citations. Offenders had their placard confiscated and face fines that range from $250 to $1,000. Since July 1, 2018, DMV investigators have verified 5,422 disabled person parking placards and found 640 of them being misused. The DMV holds as many as 24 enforcement operations each month throughout the state targeted at curbing disabled person parking placard abuse. “We ask you to save the space for those individuals who legitimately need a disabled person parking placard that is issued specifically for their use,” said DMV Director Jean Shiomoto. The following results are from enforcement operations held in September 2018:

Date City Citations Issued Drivers Contacted*

9/6 Pomona (LA County Fair) 58 320

9/10 Fresno 1 49

9/11 El Cajon 3 193

9/13 Fontana 12 148

9/13 Pomona (LA County Fair) 88 526

9/15 Pomona (LA County Fair) 95 526

9/17 Chula Vista 4 91

9/18 Oceanside 4 85

9/20 Pomona (LA County Fair) 106 583

9/21 Pomona (LA County Fair) 96 605

9/24 Oxnard 10 67

9/25 Tracy 5 30

9/26 Roseville 6 97

9/27 Foster City 3 71

Totals:14 operations 491 3,391

*Drivers Contacted is the number of people DMV investigators contacted in order to verify their disabled person parking placard.

Anyone who suspects a person might be misusing a disabled person placard is urged to report it using an online complaint form or by contacting their local DMV Investigations office. Submissions are confidential. It is important to note that some qualifying disabilities are not visually apparent and allegations of misuse might be unfounded.

Educational materials can be downloaded at

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