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  • Shirley Harriman

2018 American Indian Celebration Comes to a Close

Lake Los Angeles – Antelope Valley Indian Museum – 2018 American Indian Celebration was a huge success with record-breaking attendance numbers.

Hundreds attended both Saturday and Sunday. The weather was made to order with only a slight breeze and 8o-degree temperatures.

The parking lot was full, cars lined the long driveway to the road while the road was covered with cars parked on both sides of the street and in both directions plus in to the desert. Dennis and Ted Garcia (Chumash) blessed the ceremony and the ground. Michael Runningwind served as Master of Ceremonies. Buffalo Creek provided the drum and singing.

Curator extraordinaire beloved Edra Moore was remembered by all with remarks by Peggy Ronning and Edra’s son. The gates opened at 11:00 and closed as close to 4:00pm as possible giving the huge crowd time to leave the facility. It was difficult to leave after such an incredibly moving experience.

The Museum was open with the touch table and vendors operating. The gift shop was open. The vendors included fry bread, jewelry, gourds, drinks, crafts and fine art. The dancing was divine and it seemed there was just not enough of it.

And now, we tuck this beautiful memory away in our minds and look forward to 2019.

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