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Juan Carillo Mayor Pro Term for the City of Palmdale, is seeking re-election.

Palmdale Mayor Pro Term Juan Carillo announced that he will seek re-election to another term for his district four, for the November 2018 election. First elected to the City of Palmdale Council in 2016, Carillo is serving his term as mayor pro tem.

In a statement from Mr. Carillo has explained about his work and contribution to the City of Palmdale while as a member of the City's Council.

I have been successful in securing funding for shade structures at Yellen Park thru reaching across the aisle and asking for funding from Los Angeles County Regional Park and Open Space District for Fifth Supervisorial District Proposition “A” Excess Funding, for Yellen Park shade structures thanks to Supervisor Barger.

Funds are also available for the construction of the sidewalk along Hillcrest Street at the east end of Yellen Park which also provides a Safe Route to School to Buena Vista Elementary students (May 5, 2018 CC Item 9.1). We have finally purchased the City’s 18,000 street lights (May 1, 2018 Agenda Item CC 7.8). This is one step closer to providing Citywide Wi-Fi (for educational purposes) in our City.

The Palmdale School District continues to support that idea. Now that we owned the street lights and are capable to support other amenities, such as Wi-Fi routers and the PSD can provide and monitor the student’s use thru filtering internet access, we can truly be a Smart City like many others in California. When I run for Council in 2016, these two items were part of my platform, and I can proudly say that I have kept my promises.

I ask for your vote this November 6, I will continue to fight for equality across the City of Palmdale. Thank you and

God bless you, Juan Carrillo Ventura.

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