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The race for the City of Palmdale Council District Four is heating up, with Oscar Aleman challenges

Photo Credit : Oscar Aleman

The landscape for Palmdale local elections this November is now set as two candidates have filed to run for the title of council.

Oscar Aleman resident and a small business owner, has registered to run in the upcoming city of Palmdale council race for District four.

Press release from candidate Oscar Aleman......

30 years ago, I made a heartfelt decision to move to Palmdale to create a home for my family. Many wonderful years have passed since then, this city has grown substantially. In that time we have seen technological innovation, business prosperity as well as diversity in our growing community. I feel the people of Palmdale, as well as our community members and caring neighbors, share a strong sense of progress, pride, and duty. We share a mutual dream for a better future for our community, as it will be the community inherited by our children and many more great Americans to come.

This is the reason why I wish to become a City Council Member for the great city of Palmdale. I believe we can work together, with a common goal in mind, to create a better quality of life for our residents, our children, and all of those who wish to have the opportunity to achieve the American Dream.

I believe in the equal and fair development of wealth and prosperity throughout this city. Our security should be considered and we should remain a safe city for all to enjoy. I want to focus on collaborating with local government to create a strategic plan that will help developers build more affordable homes so more of our citizens can have an improved quality of life. We need new sources of employment. I want to attract industry and commerce to our home. Our city should generate manufacturing, industrial and machining employment which will allow our community to keep our work force and production local. Palmdale is our home. Every home should be a place where people work together to obtain the best quality of life. I strive to make Palmdale the best it can be by engaging and communicating with our city staff and our people. Together we can achieve safety,

development and prosperity.

Respectful Regards, Oscar Aleman 5757 Katrina Place Palmdale, Ca 93552 661-810-9867

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