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Wilsona School District Selects New Superintendent

The Wilsona School District Board of Trustees will be taking official board action on the approval of a new Superintendent at the June 21 regular scheduled board meeting.

The Wilsona School Board is proud to announce that Susan Andreas-Bervel will succeed Teresa Grey who will be retiring after 33 years in the Wilsona School District with the last 9 years as the Superintendent. The Board conducted a thorough search with first soliciting staff and community input. The Board of Trustees then evaluated its applicant pool, chose the highest qualified candidates, and had the top candidates participate in a rigorous interview process. Andreas-Berval emerged as the Board’s unanimous choice. She will begin to lead the Wilsona School District as of July 1, 2018.

Wilsona School District Board President Robert Harris said all of the finalists were excellent candidates and the decision to choose just one was difficult. "It was complex when it came down to our final choice. We had such a qualified field of candidates with years of experience to choose from. The Wilsona School District Board of Trustees unanimously stand together in our decision as we look forward to working closely with Susan Andreas-Bervel to continue to provide the best educational experience for our students of the Wilsona School District and a safe, collaborative working environment for our staff.”

Susan Andreas-Bervel has worked in education for over 30 years, in classified, certificated and administrative service. She obtained both her Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts and a Master's Degree in Educational Leadership from California State University, Bakersfield, and is currently pursuing a doctorate from Brandman University. Mrs. Bervel worked for 18 years in Delano Elementary as a teacher and administrator, 4 years as an assistant superintendent in Wasco Elementary, and the past 4 years as superintendent in Tehachapi. She is passionate about providing a supportive and rigorous education, so students will be prepared for their future. Mrs. Bervel is married, her husband is a mechanic with the sheriff's department, and they have four children and six grandchildren.

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