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  • Shirley Harriman

Public Participation Hearing Draws Few

Palmdale – Holiday Inn – Public Participation Meetings were held in Palmdale at the Holiday Inn on Tuesday June 12 at 2:00pm and 7:00pm. The hearing was regarding A. 18-10-008 SoCal Gas Co General Rate Case (Test Year 2019). Six to eight people were in attendance at either hearing.

The hearing was called to order by Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Rafael Lirag with a court reporter recording the discussions. ALJ Lirag explained procedural matters and the meeting was open for discussion.

A representative from the State of California Energy Division went through the details on the fact sheet provided. 1. What goes into SoCalGas’ Rates; 2. What is being considered in this general rate case; 3. Individual components of SoCalGas’ request.

For example, under this proposal the natural gas bill for an average residential; customer using 35 therms per moth would increase by $7.01 per month, or 17% when compared to their 2018 bill. What goes into SoCal Gas’ rates revealed one important fact, i.e., the customer pays the same costs as the utility for commodity. The costs are “pass through” costs to the consumer. Pie charts depicting Operating and Maintenance Expenses and Capital Expenditures were provided. Public speakers were from the Antelope Valley Board of Trade, Bakersfield Chamber of Commerce and a contractor for the Gas Company. The general consensus was support for the increase with gas being less expensive than electricity and propane, the Gas Company having invested in the communities they serve and the work needing to be done for safety reasons and for uninterrupted natural gas service. Further information on the proceeding and testimony in detail can be seen at To review the Office of Ratepayer Advocates’ testimony please visit:

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