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County of Los Angeles Making Progress on Improving Homelessness For the first time in four years, homelessness went down in LA County. The results of this year's homeless count show a 3% decrease in homelessness, a 16% decrease in the number of chronically homeless individuals, and an 18% decrease in veteran homelessness. Although we are still in the early stages of implementing our homeless initiatives, these numbers show that our strategies are the right ones and we are beginning to make progress. These results tell us that we need to double down on our efforts. There are still more than 53,000 people on the streets and they should know that help is on the way. "These results are early signs that our strategies are the right ones," said Supervisor Janie Hahn, LA County 4th District. "We are beginning to make progress." Moving forward, our biggest challenge won't be funding. It will be NIMBYism. If we're going to solve homelessness in a big way, we need everybody to be part of the solution. 2018 Greater Los Angeles Homeless Count Results: • Homelessness down 3% in LA County: first drop in 4 years • Chronic homelessness down 16% • Veteran homelessness down 18%

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