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  • Shirley Harriman

Lake Los Angeles – It’s Time To Enjoy A Successful Community National Night Out!

Tuesday, August 7 – Reserve that evening! Lake Los Angeles – Sorensen Park - To know your neighbors and to know your surroundings is no doubt the best way to build a safer Lake Los Angeles community. For a number of reasons we can find ourselves isolated from each other for cultural reasons, for geographical reasons and just being busy commuting to and from work. The only way to build a safer community and one we can call a more caring place to live is to know our neighbors, our neighborhoods and our community. We need to build relationships with each other to create safer neighborhoods. National Night Out - Tuesday, August 7 - . 5:00m to 7:00pm – Sorensen Park National Night Out (NNO) is an opportunity to bring neighborhoods together with each other and with the law enforcement personnel that protect us. The safety of this community is dependent upon close cooperation between us who live in Lake Los Angeles and the men and women who protect us. All over this country, NNO has been invaluable for showing communities how to be proactive partners with law enforcement. NNO helps to strengthen neighborhoods and community spirit. Traditionally, it is a “lights on” night where residents will turn on their porch lights for their own porch light vigils in a show of support of their community and their law enforcement personnel. We have seen Facebook postings about crimes committed in LLA. The Sheriffs working in LLA are prepared to talk to you about these crimes and any other law enforcement concerns that you have. Lake Los Angeles – it’s time to enjoy a successful community National Night Out!

Photo/Credit: National Night Out!

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