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City of Lancaster Embarks Upon Library Needs Assessment for the Lancaster Library Think. Dream. Beco

The City of Lancaster is currently conducting a Needs Assessment of the (Los Angeles County) Lancaster Library, in an effort to better understand service, program, and facility needs. As part of the City’s new community engagement portal, Lancaster Engage, residents are encouraged to Think. Dream. Become. at the Lancaster Library as they get involved through surveys and community workshop.

“As a woman and a mother with a true passion for literacy, I feel it is our obligation as a municipality, along with valued input from the community, to create an environment where learning, exploration, and imagination take place,” said Council Member Angela Underwood-Jacobs. “This Needs Assessment will result in a plan for the future of the Lancaster Library to create a more welcoming, creative, interactive, and technologically advanced 21st Century library. I look forward to another partnership with the County of Los Angeles, and being part of the process to improve this precious community resource.”

The Lancaster Library Needs Assessment will ensure the future direction of the library is consistent with the needs of the community being served. The Assessment will also include a dialogue with the community about how the Library can evolve into a greater community asset, provide expanded service programming, and become a thriving, community hub for residents. Residents are encouraged to take part in this community effort by providing valuable input via the Lancaster Library Needs Assessment Survey at, open through May 20.

Additionally, the City of Lancaster invites residents to join the conversation at the upcoming Community Visioning Workshop on Thursday, May 10 from 6 p.m. - 8 p.m. at Sgt. Steve Owen Memorial Park (43063 10th Street West), in the Stanley Kleiner Activity Center. Those in attendance will be able to reimagine and provide input to the City regarding what services, programs, and facility updates they would like to see at the Lancaster Library, as well as answer the question “What does a 21st Century library look like to you?”

To be a part of the conversation regarding the Lancaster Library Needs Assessment as well as other community initiatives, residents are encouraged to visit the City’s engagement portal “Lancaster Engage” at

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