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  • Shirley Harriman

Bradley Receives Director's Award 2017

Regina Bradley

Lake Los Angeles – At the 2017 Employee Awards Banquet for Los Angeles County Parks & Recreation (P&R) held April 19 at Almansor Courts in Alhambra, P&R Director John Wicker presented the 2017 Director’s Award to Sorensen/Pearblossom Park Supervisor Regina Bradley.

“I was so surprised! I was stunned. I could not believe it because this award is such a high honor. It’s a lot to live up to,” stated Bradley.

Regina started with Los Angeles County Parks & Recreation in June 2001 as a Locker Room Attendant at Everett Martin Pool. In 2003, she became a Recreation Services Leader at Pearblossom Park and Stephen Sorensen Park. In 2007 she became a Permanent Recreation Services Leader and was then transferred to George Lane Park. After being at Lane for 9 months, she was asked to be a Secretary for the Regional Recreation Director, Gary Dickerson. In 2012, she became a Recreation Services Supervisor at Stephen Sorensen Park. She has supervised Pearblossom Park, Acton Park, Apollo Park and of course, Stephen Sorensen Park.

Lake Los Angeles’ Glow Run event and Brianna Dawson of Sorensen Park were nominated for the Genesis Award and Image Award respectively. Although neither won the top prize it was an honor to be nominated. It is indicative of the high quality of programming and level of performance by the staff at Sorensen Park.

On July 5, 2013 the community enjoyed the Grand Opening of Lake Los Angeles Community Gymnasium Building to a qualified Manager for the Park as well as the complexities of the Gymnasium. Mary Hanna, President of the Lake Los Angeles Park Association said of Regina’s award, “Regina Bradley came to us years ago as a very young recreational leader. The park at that time had a playground, bathrooms, and a storage box. She was able to offer the community a great variety of activities and support in the heat, cold, wind, and rain outside from that storage box.

Since then, we have grown in facilities and Regina Bradley continues to offer more than could be imagined by another. She looks at everything as an opportunity. Lake Los Angeles has been most fortunate to have her tireless energy, enthusiasm, inventiveness, and class.

Regina Bradley gathers around her a team of like-minded people: hardworking, creative, and who love Lake LA! Regina Bradley takes a step above and brings all of the community with her. Congratulations for an award well deserved!”

“Regina loves her kids and their parents, she aims to be of service to every soul coming into the Park, she treasures her staff and volunteers, she wants every person in LLA to come to the park to have a great time and works toward that goal every day. She can think of so many nifty programs that will entertain the community and get everyone out doors. It makes some of us wonder where she gets all of those great ideas. The award is hers because she earned it and she deserves it,” said Shirley Harriman. “As volunteer publicist for Regina and her park programs, I am honored to get the word out about our wonderful Park!”

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